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Ensure swift digital transformation for your business with Ingold Solutions, a long-standing SAP Silver Partner in Berlin, Germany.

Irrespective of the nature of business, companies need to invest in the right technology to secure long-term success. SAP Business One is an impeccable ERP system that empowers businesses in fast and secure digital transformation.

From finance and accounting to inventory management, lead management and purchasing control, SAP Business One assists companies in easy business workflow management. As an SAP Business One Silver partner in Berlin, our team of SAP experts have provided dependable service to clients across the globe.

SAP Business One can be quickly integrated with your current workflow management system. Our team of experts is here to assist you with any queries related to SAP Business One.

Reach us using the contact form below and get real-time assistance with SAP Business One integration.

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How does SAP Business one help
If you are running a small or medium-sized firm (SME) and ready to expand into new markets, SAP Business One can help you scale your business. The intuitive, industry-specific SAP solution allows you to keep track of everything from inventory to shipping to accounting from one convenient dashboard.


By aggregating data in real time, cutting down on duplication, and centralising financial data, the SAP ERP system helps cut down on operational and administrative expenses. You may utilise the data to avoid problems like stockouts and delivery disruptions.

Increased Efficiency in Data Management

Successful businesses recognize the value of good data management. SAP collects information from all your applications, processes it, and presents it in one centralised location. Multiple divisions have quick and easy access to this information, so everyone is always aware.

More Effective Cooperation

With SAP Business One, you can share important business details with cross-functional teams at any time. Therefore, different teams and team members can collaborate in real time.

Improve Customer Service

The advantages of SAP Business One won't be limited to your staff members. It will be noticeable to your consumers as well. With all customer information in one place, the sales staff can respond quickly and effectively to inquiries and concerns. SAP Business One also allows you to monitor information on your online store's customers. The statistics can also help your marketing team to reach out to the right target market.

If you are looking for a reliable, expandable, and all-in-one company management solution, go no further than SAP Business One.
With Ingold Solution you get the full set of SAP Business One software, which includes hosting and maintenance services. Our long-term partnership with SAP ensures that your business gets the required assistance to digitise your business processes.

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