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SAP Business One is the one-stop ERP Solution for small and medium-sized businesses. From customer relationships to sales, finance and operations, the software can help to streamline cross-functional processes. As a long-standing SAP Silver Partner in Berlin, Ingold Solutions can assist you in the cost-effective and seamless implementation of SAP.

We are a team of expert professionals with extensive knowledge of SAP software. Do you have any queries about SAP implementation? Reach our professional team and get answers in real-time.

Why Choose SAP Business One

Streamlined Business workflow

SAP Business one offers a complete overview of your business under a single dashboard. From inventory and distribution to production, sales and service get a clear view and greater control to ensure a streamlined business workflow.

Minimum error

The SAP Business One automates the process of data collection. Also, the software can generate automatic reports, thus, removing the possibility of any human errors and duplicate data entry.

Fast implementation

When it comes to the implementation of SAP Business One, SAP partners such as Ingold Solutions provide an efficient solution and ensure the fastest integration.

Minimal training

The application is user-friendly and requires zero to minimal training after implementation. Even if there is some confusion related to usability, the SAP partners ensure impeccable support with a quick turnaround time.

Industries we serve
Being a trusted SAP Silver partner in Berlin, Ingold Solutions offers inimitable support across industries, such as retail, manufacturing, warehouse management, and consumer products. Here are how market leaders across these industries get benefitted from SAP implementation.


From receiving accurate market forecasts for taking cost-effective purchasing decisions to maximise the end-to-end visibility in several business workflows, such as marketing, inventory, and sales, SAP Business One integration can be exclusively beneficial for retail businesses.

Warehouse Management

By implementing SAP Business One, companies working on warehouse management can receive an automatic timely update on stocking status, movement history and product inventory. Hence, businesses can increase productivity and eliminate paperwork.


SAP Business One helps with scheduling material orders. Not only that, but businesses can also monitor dispatch timings and work in progress to ensure fast project turnaround time.

Consumer Products

Businesses that deal in consumer products can exclusively benefit from SAP Business One implementation. The software offers up-to-date sales and marketing data, demand forecasts and end-to-end business visibility.

At Ingold Solutions, we use a high-end Integration Framework (B1if). That's how our experts ensure a smooth integration of SAP Business One with other cloud-based software such as CRM suits, e-Commerce platforms, expense management systems, e-mail marketing platforms etc.
Contact our expert SAP Support professionals and get round-the-clock assistance with SAP Business One implementation.

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