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Build simply
Create any kind of website. No code, no manuals, no limits.

Stand out with professionally designed themes
No matter your site or your style, there’s a beautiful, pro layout waiting for you.

Build with blocks
Insert text, photos, forms, Yelp reviews, testimonials, maps, and more. Move them. Delete them. Play until it’s perfect. You already know how to do it!

Get Started With Ingold Solutions

Create a robust website

… a blog, or a combination of both. Personal blog, portfolio, business site — it’s up to you.

Plans for any budget

Start with an affordable budget. Upgrade for advanced customization, security, and SEO tools.

Custom domains

Add a custom domain to carve out your own space on the web and manage it right from Ingold Solutions.

How We Create A Difference

Built-in social sharing
Automatically send new posts to Twitter, Facebook, and more, and add social tools to help readers share.

In-depth stats
Learn more about your visitors — where they’re from, what they read, when they visit — with rich stats.

Search engine optimized
Make it easy for new fans to find you with built-in sitemaps and other SEO tools. All you have to do is publish.

Create a feature-rich blog or website today.

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