Make the most of SAP Business One Solutions on AWS

Get enterprise-level SAP Business One on AWS services

SAP Business One on AWS

We can help small businesses utilise SAP Business One® solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) without any long-term commitment or costly investment in the IT infrastructure.

Additionally, we can help our clients access SAP Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA through AWS. We deliver agile, intelligent, and responsive SAP Business One® solutions using the cloud platform of AWS.

The advantages of SAP Business One on AWS

Reduce Ownership Costs

The AWS cloud provides a reliable and secure SAP-certified cloud platform. It enables companies to deploy SAP solutions and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of running SAP systems by 71%.

OpEx instead of CapEx

Replace the fixed capital costs for IT hardware with variable operating costs.

Speed and Agility

With AWS, you don't have to wait months for capital approval and infrastructure acquisition and deployment. You can deploy the infrastructure in no time and establish an SAP Business One environment on AWS.


Scale up by leveraging on-demand access to unlimited compute, storage and network capacity as per your business needs.

Services for SAP Business One on AWS

AWS operates, manages, and controls everything from the physical infrastructure and facilities down to the host operating system and the virtualisation layer. The customer manages the guest operating system and other running applications and databases.

As an SAP Silver Partner, we offer consulting and functional services on the AWS platform. We help you accelerate the time-to-value of your SAP implementation or project on AWS and maximize the benefits of running SAP solutions on the AWS platform.

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