Bing Ads: It’s time to add Bing into the mix

Investing in Bing ads means less competition, lower Cost Per Click with greater Returns on Ad Spent for your business. Unlock great possibilities with Bing ads with Ingold Solutions. Our team of paid search-certified experts has a solid track record of helping businesses make more revenue through smarter Bing Ads Management with highly optimized, conversion-focused campaigns.

The best of Bing Ads

Almost 80 percent of businesses are investing in Google Ads, but only a fraction of that percentage is running campaigns in Microsoft Bing. But, every month almost 905 million searches occur on Bing in the UK alone. So, missing out on Bing Ads is equivalent to missing out on a huge volume of potential customers for your business. With a 17 percent share in the Search Engine Market, the majority of which takes place from desktop devices and 12 billion searches taking place every month, Bing’s search volume is too large to be ignored.

Bing Ads promises a better reach

Over the years Bing’s market share has only grown. Take a dive into Bing Ads because the Cost Per Click is comparatively cheaper as most brands have not yet taken benefit of the opportunity.

The demography of Bing users mostly consists of older people with higher disposable income who favour computers over mobile phones. It is certainly not an audience that you should miss out on. Both Bing and LinkedIn are owned by Microsoft, this allows for a greater quality of shared data across both platforms. So, if you are already running ads on LinkedIn or wish to align your LinkedIn Ads strategy with search, then Bing is your place to be in.

Bing Ads also offers precise control over the device and demographic bidding. It allows you to target your ads to a specific group of audiences as per your business needs.

Bing is a remarkable channel to capitalize your business on. At Ingold Solutions, our paid search experts have the required experience to design a Bing Ads campaign that is result-oriented and data-driven that gives your business a competitive advantage, and helps you reach your revenue goals.

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