How Distribution Is Made Easy With Affordable SAP Business One Services

June 2, 2022
How Distribution Is Made Easy With Affordable SAP Business One Services

Visibility is important for a wholesale distributor. To be most productive, you must have a total insight into your inventory as well as relationships with manufacturers, purchasers, and even other distributors.

You gain visibility over your whole operation, including your warehouse and distribution centre, with an affordable SAP Business One solution. We are an SAP Business One Partner in Berlin helping you to integrate effortlessly with existing systems, providing a single source of truth for negotiating and management, payment coordination, delivery arrangements, inventory tracking, and much more.

Ingold Solutions, an SAP Silver Partner has deployed SAP Business One for small and mid-sized distributors. assisting them in transforming their operations and achieving new levels of productivity and efficiency.

According to our experience, three key features make SAP Business One an ideal solution for retail distributors.

#1 – Integration with transportation companies

Regardless of the size of your wholesale operation, manually scheduling individual deliveries and then tracking them through to fulfilment can be difficult and error-prone. However, with affordable SAP Business One services, you can immediately integrate your information with that of your chosen freight companies, allowing you to make delivery requests and track freight at every step of the way.

Furthermore, integrated reporting tools allow you to readily compare vendors and their prices to negotiate better deals and uncover savings opportunities.

You can build client relationships by delivering exact, real-time, and detailed information on the status of their deliveries by automating and streamlining the delivery process. Lead times, economic order quantities, stock levels, and specific shipment data can all be included.

#2 – Purchasing and inventory management

One of the most difficult tasks for any wholesale distributor is balancing the amount of stock that comes in with what goes out. Without an integrated view, it might be difficult to extract meaningful insights or determine how one area of the business affects another.

Even today, many wholesale distribution businesses rely on a mix of silo-based accounting systems, warehouse management solutions, and ad-hoc software and spreadsheets. To make correct and informed decisions about new orders, you must have real-time access to dependable and integrated information.

Affordable SAP Business One services deliver exactly that – the system provides accurate data on inbound and outbound shipments, inventory levels, and item locations. Real-time reporting, valuations, availability, and pricing impact reports are also available.

Staff can successfully balance supply and demand and ensure stock levels are correct thanks to the material requirements planning feature. SAP Business One's intelligent forecasting features are excellent for predicting and managing future demand.

#3 – Accurate tracking at every stage

Every wholesale distribution business depends on reliable and effective stock management. To meet consumer expectations and operate as efficiently as possible, you must always know where your things are.

Individual items may now be tracked with far higher accuracy than ever before thanks to the Internet of Things. You can obtain significant insight and control by connecting remote tracking devices in the warehouse and distribution centre with a robust system like SAP Business One.

For example, you could use:

Stocktake data – including cycle counts – to ensure stock accuracy and bin location data to ensure stock correctness and ease of picking for warehouse workers.

Your warehouse personnel, on the other hand, can get reliable information about stock expiry dates and appropriate stock levels.

As an SAP Silver Partner, we offer industry-specific affordable SAP Business One solutions. For the best support, you can get in touch with us here today.

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