Microsoft Azure Simplifies Cloud Migration and Modernisation in Manufacturing

November 22, 2022
Microsoft Azure Simplifies Cloud Migration and Modernisation in Manufacturing

Digitisation is a top priority for Manufacturing industry executives. Cloud computing has become an essential component of technology estates aimed at lowering costs, visualising operations, leveraging the industrial internet of things (IIoT), and providing a quality digital experience in an increasingly competitive labour market.

The manufacturing industry was among the first to embrace the cloud, and this trend is expected to continue, according to a Frost & Sullivan study. Currently, nearly half of all workloads are hosted in the cloud, with that figure expected to rise to more than 53% by 2025.

What are the benefits of cloud?

Because of the cloud's inherent scalability, high availability, and elasticity, it has become central to manufacturers' efforts to optimise their businesses. The cloud enables you to leverage your data in the most meaningful ways, from navigating changes in the supply chain to understanding the consumer demands that drive your customers' needs.

Today, as business leaders explore new ways to use data to reimagine their operations, the agility provided by cloud environments may be the most compelling benefit. According to Frost & Sullivan, connected devices are growing at a 15.5 percent annual rate, and the cloud's agility enables manufacturers to intelligently use data from those devices to power smart manufacturing and agile factory initiatives.

As a result, 45 percent of manufacturers use Microsoft Azure to run their cloud operations, while 62 percent chose Azure for its functionality and tools, which simplify artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics projects, allowing for more efficient experimentation and innovation.

Importantly, Azure offers powerful solutions for data protection in both cloud and on-premises environments. Azure enables and improves security across the entire technology estate by providing always-updated threat detection and security services.

Increasing your cloud value

Once in the cloud, you can use its benefits to improve shop floor efficiency, use data to drive critical decision-making, and achieve a variety of other digital outcomes. According to Frost & Sullivan's research, the top digital priorities for manufacturers are:

  • 81% increase in business process efficiency and quality
  • 80% faster delivery of products, services, and applications
  • 80% increase in business agility
  • 80% increase in employee productivity
  • 79% Become more innovative than competitors
  • Increase your reliance on data analytics - 77%
  • 76% cost savings

Manufacturers have been able to dramatically increase margins, operating income, and net income on revenue by leveraging cloud, data, and AI with Azure. Through increased visibility, you will be able to drive efficiency, improve accuracy, and empower quality decision-making by achieving your data estate as a strategic asset.

Cloud computing is transforming manufacturers

The numerous advantages of cloud computing are driving a digital transformation in manufacturing. The traditional push supply chain is rapidly evolving into a data-driven model that allows factories to respond to demand in real-time. To support this shift, 57% of manufacturers are modernising their own data centres, while 55% are expanding their hybrid cloud/multi-cloud environment.

Begin right away

Microsoft makes it simple for manufacturers to start or continue their digital transformation with the cloud. Comprehensive resources and guidance make it easier to plan and execute cloud migration and modernisation strategies. Discuss your cloud vision with us and let us help you in getting started. Contact us today.

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