SAP Business One Pricing: How Much Does SAP Business One Cost?

January 27, 2023
SAP Business One Pricing: How Much Does SAP Business One Cost?

As your business expands, so does its requirements. Automation of redundant processes becomes necessary. You need a streamlined workflow to reduce bottlenecks and minimize errors. Standardization of business processes improves quality and efficiency while reducing risks and costs. However, if these are not supported by your existing business tools, it’s time to make the switch to SAP Business One. That said, the complicated SAP Business One pricing structure is why many hesitate to make the move. We are going to untangle that for you in this blog.

Factors That Determine SAP Business One Pricing

SAP Business One is a robust ERP solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Companies like yours that are looking for SAP Business One cost have priorities like inventory management, accounting and finance management, sales and customer management, analytics, business intelligence, etc.

The pricing for the software is based on a variety of factors:

Type of License

SAP Business One offers two types of licenses – a perpetual license with a one-time upfront cost and a subscription-based pricing model, which allows customers to pay for the software on a monthly or annual basis, rather than having to make a large upfront investment.

Number of Users

Regardless of whether you opt for the one-time license or the monthly cloud-hosted subscription, the cost you will bear is the license price multiplied by the number of users.


The choice of database is a crucial factor in determining your SAP B1 price. For example, the software can run on both SAP-powered HANA and Microsoft SQL. But HANA is faster and more reliable thus making it a costlier choice.


The one-time cost model does not include annual maintenance but the subscription model does. This includes bug fixes, upgrades, patch releases, etc. So, the cost varies greatly depending on the type of deployment you choose.

Implementation Cost

This is the payment you make to development firms like Ingold Solutions for integrating SAP Business One software into your business system. It primarily includes consultant expenses and development fees. On-site consultation will be more expensive than remote. Schedule a call with us to learn more about the cost you can expect for your specific needs.

In addition to these, the final cost also comes down to the module and functionalities required and the add-ons integrated. Let’s get into the details.

SAP Business One Price List

Monthly Subscription (Rental) Plan

To opt for this plan, you need to have a minimum of three users for a one-year commitment. The cost is on a per-user basis and includes annual maintenance, automatic backups, bug fixes, and upgrades.

One-time License

This is, of course, the more expensive option. Each package contains one license for one user. For multiple users, the total cost will be the price of one license multiplied by the number of users. This license type does not include annual maintenance.

Both the subscription plan and on-time model come in three tiers, each with different functionalities. The price varies according to the tier type you select.

Starter pack Limited pack Professional pack
This provides unlimited access to the features required for retail service and sales including customer management, financial management, sales, inventory, etc. It is ideal for startups and small businesses with 1 – 5 users. It includes the rights granted to a mobile app user and an indirect access user. This license gives you access to the key functionalities of one of the roles among CRM, finance, and logistics. You can choose the role depending upon your professional area. Just like the Starter pack, this also includes the rights granted to a mobile app user and an indirect access user. Get unlimited access to all SAP Business One modules and features including customer management, sales, purchasing and inventory, accounting, etc. This license includes all the rights granted to the limited and starter pack.

Monthly Subscription Plan Price:
45 € per month for 12 months
55 € per month post 12 months

Monthly Subscription Plan Price:
55 € per month for 12 months
65 € per month post 12 months

Monthly Subscription Plan Price:
105 € per month for 12 months
115 € per month post 12 months

One-Time License Price:
1140 €

One-Time License Price:
1400 €

One-Time License Price:
2700 €

SAP Business One Implementation Cost

This process generally includes requirement analysis, implementation, training, testing, go-live and documentation. The cost of implementing SAP Business One can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and complexity of your business, the number of users and modules you need, etc. To standardize things, we have created some equipment packages at Ingold Solutions which can be deployed within 24 hours.

Depending on the requirements, the cost of these packages ranges between 400 € to 4000 €.

While these SAP Business One packages are ready to use as is, we also provide customizations to add components and interfaces as per your business needs.

Thinking of making the switch? Now is the time. Reach out to us at +4930863232940 or send an email to We would be happy to assist you.


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