Why Enterprises are Relying on SAP B1 Magento Integration Streamlines Business Process?

October 5, 2021
Why Enterprises are Relying on SAP B1 Magento Integration Streamlines Business Process?

Every second companies you come across these days is relying on an ERP solution in a way or the other. But what seems to be the most interesting part is that a majority of enterprises prefer SAP B1 over other ERP platforms. While there are plenty of reasons for doing so, we believe a seamless integration of SAP B1 with Magento makes it the most preferred choice.

SAP B1 Magento Integration results in seamless transport of information from the SAP platform to your e-commerce website. As a result, you can get a bi-directional data flow by synchronizing various entities between the two systems. Which means, you already have your data regarding products, orders, customers as well as the B2B entities synced in your eCommerce store. Thus, it facilitates the formation of a full cycle and well-structured sales management processes with zero complexities.

What Exactly SAP B1 Magento Integration Does?

As already mentioned, the integration results in the seamless transformation of information across platforms. It also ensures zero glitches (like data loss) during the transfer from SAP B1 account to the store backend.

Here’s a look at the transfers that you can make or

  • Products, such as full catalog synchronization as per the respective quantity, categories, and other attributes that might require.
  • Orders including its status, credit notes, invoices, shipping as well as the billing addresses.
  • Customer data such as account information, addresses and contact data.
  • Customer groups with all the related information and all the specific conditions associated with each particular group.
  • Price listing, special prices, discount prices, tier prices and more.
  • B2B companies, such as full company structure, customer roles, and administrator accounts, etc.
  • B2B quotes and negotiable quotes, including cart composition, discounts, and special prices.
  • B2B requisition lists specifying quantity or amounts
  • B2B shared catalogs, such as custom product listings, groups of customers, price and more.

No doubt, SAPB1 Magento integration enhances workflows for both B2C and B2B businesses. Merchants have greater control over the store backends as well as the SAP data since the entire transfer is automated and they have a detailed list of data in front of their eyes.

How Your Business is Benefitted

While the SAP B1 Magento integration results in multifarious benefits in a business, some of the core advantages are discussed here.

Efficient and Comprehensive Synchronization

The one thing that SAP B1 and Magento integration has brought forth is surely the automation of transferring all the supported entities between the two systems. For example, if you are applying any changes in your Magento admin, all the changed or altered data is automatically updated in the SAP B1 account. Furthermore, if you feel to alter any data in the SAP B1 platform the same applies to your store backend (Magento website) automatically.

Improved Data Monitoring

With full-fledged control over the two systems, merchants can opt for improved data monitoring. You can stay updated about the minute changes and make informed decision. SAP B1 comes integrated with SAP Crystal Reports, which helps in creating accurate analytical report on the business performances, based on the adopted strategies. It endows the merchants with an ability to better understand the business and come up with precise plans in the future.

Intuitive Data Management

This integration helps in the transfer automation of intuitive and advanced data, thus reducing manual intervention for the things that actually requires human touch. However, only a few manual tasks are to be performed to ensure the accuracy of the process, though it’s pretty negligible. This automation will be helpful to configure import and export jobs. All it needs is a smart set up with few essential options so that a large volume of backend process is done without getting the admin engaged. The configuration and following management tasks are intuitive and admin friendly.

Seamless Omnichannel Experience

SAP B1 Magento Integration aids in fully automated syncing, intuitive management, advanced monitoring and so on, which helps you achieve a seamless omnichannel experience. This integrator helps you build up a single dimension where all data is updated automatically at every connected instances. Which means, it’s perfectly easy to run multiple store views, offline stores, and warehouses, processing with all the relevant statistics.

The Takeaway

The SAP Business One Integration connector is a robust tool designed to seamlessly integrate Magento with the popular ERP system SAP B1. Generating a bi-directional flow of data between the two destinations is easier by this way. As a result, the connector enables nearly real-time updates: you apply changes in Magento 2, and they are provided to SAP B1 and vice versa. The tool is developed to help you save the time and cost necessary for the integration.

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