Auto Capture Third-Party Documents and Save Your Precious Time
CKS.ADC relieves your accounts department from the time-consuming process of extracting information from documents. Invoices, delivery bills and other incoming documents no longer need not be entered manually, item by item. Thanks to CKS.ADC the entire document is automatically recognised and processed followed by the generation of a complete SAP draft.


As the delivery notes, invoices, payment notifications, or customer orders are received by mail, all that is needed to be done is scanning them to get it in paper form. Any third-party document can be directly imported into your inbox if it is available in a digital version.


All the imported documents can be found directly in your inbox in SAP Business One®. All we have to do is, simply select the documents from which the information is to be extracted, specify the type of document, and start the recognition routine.


During recognition, the SAP draft is auto-created and filled out alongside the corresponding values that are previously entered manually. Any previous SAP document found is automatically linked and matched.

As an SAP Silver Partner and a partner of CK.Solution, we deliver top-notch, robust, and exceptional CKS. ADC.SAP Business One® services to businesses that want to fly high.
Import Your Documents in Different Ways
Invoices, delivery notes, and other documents can reach the company in different forms. We use various options to integrate CKS.ADC into your processes and automatically extract all document information.


Any document scanned and converted to a PDF file is directly available in the CKS.ADC inbox in SAP Business One®.


In case your external documents are already stored in your network or a data carrier as PDF files, you can select them easily by using the usual file search and simply copying them to the inbox.


Directly move incoming receipts and invoices from Outlook to the Inbox.


You can save your inbound documents directly to a specific Windows directory as it is linked to the CKS.ADC inbox in SAP Business One®.

Capture Different Formats
Irrespective of how you receive external documents, CKS.ADC enables you to automatically capture them in SAP Business One®.


Delivery notes can be easily imported via the office scanner and then automatically captured with the help of CKS.ADC.


You can easily transfer invoices or any other document in PDF format to the automatic information extraction from Outlook.


Files, documents, and records that are already digitised into the lossless TIFF format can also be read and processed with CKS.ADC.

If you wish to avail CKS.ADC services from an SAP silver partner, and a partner of CK solution, contact Ingold Solutions today!

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