Our Content Marketing Services Drive Traffic, Rankings, And Revenue
With our team of skilled writers and editors composing and promoting custom, search engine-friendly content for your business, we make content marketing hassle-free for you. From blog posts to website content, eBooks, white papers, to online guides to videos, for you, we do it all.

Content Marketing Services That Are Revenue-Driven

Content Marketing is considered one of the most powerful strategies of digital marketing. Good content has the potential to double your website conversions, drive traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness. All these factors ultimately help in increasing the revenue of your company.

As your content marketing services partner, Ingold Solutions provide you with content pieces that strictly follow the search engine optimization standards. Moreover, with us, you can be assured of transparency i.e., no hidden fees.

Our Content Marketing Services Include The Following:

Content strategy

All our content marketing strategies are custom-made to suit your audience, business needs, and goals.

Content development

Based on your plans, our team creates a content calendar for your company with those content that is a must-share.

Content creation

Our team of experienced content writers create content as per your requirement. Whether it’s a blog post, website content, online guide, or videos, we’ve got you covered. All our content is aligned with your business goals.

Content optimisation

We also optimise your content for users and search engines to ultimately drive traffic to your website.

Content promotion

Utilising our network of industry influencers, we assist you in promoting your content online on those platforms that matter the most to your audience.

Content reporting

Each month, we provide you with a content report that is easy to read and reflects the performance of our content.

Why should you spend your money on content marketing services?
Content marketing is a must for businesses that strive to reach their audience with digital marketing. A powerful content strategy will enable you to connect with your audiences no matter if they are a few blocks away or located miles away.
Content marketing benefits your business in several ways, including the following

Grow your business

Consumers use the internet not only for browsing and posting videos and photos but also for finding products and services they need. Almost, 80% of consumers research products and services online and local searches have increased by more than 500% in recent years. So, if your motive is to grow your online business, using traditional marketing or advertising is not enough. You must make it digital.

Build your brand awareness

Your brand defines your business. It is one of the most valuable assets your company owns as it also contributes to the retention and loyalty of your clients. Building your brand is vital as it can influence the buying decisions of customers greatly.

Increase your revenue

As per a recent study, businesses with profound content marketing plans have conversion rates six times higher, as compared to businesses that do not practice this digital marketing strategy. With Ingold Solution’s competitive content marketing strategies, you will gain an edge over your competitors.

Reach your target customers

Our content marketing strategies will help your business become an online hub for your ideal consumers. Our team of experts will research your target audiences, their taste, and preferences and build a competitive strategy that will encourage them to read, interact and share your content.

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