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Nowadays, almost every computing node generates a vast amount of data that cannot be stored on resource-constrained devices. Cloud computing provides an abundant opportunity to utilise their storage facility. However, outsourcing personal data to a third-party storage facility can bring security and privacy risks that makes user reluctant to use cloud computing facility. Ingold Solutions is a reliable and trustworthy data integrity service provider. Our team of IT specialists designs a cloud storage framework that delivers secure data outsourcing and safe retrieval of client data to ensure the integrity of data.

Why Choose Ingold Solutions as Your Data Integrity Service Provider?

Strategic guidance

A well-protected office location and an action plan in any event of physical disasters.

Custom-tailored solutions

We offer customised solutions for both enterprises and SMEs. Our tailored solutions are designed while keeping your specific business goals in mind.

Unparalleled expertise

Our team consists of professionals who are highly experienced and have helped hundreds of customers with their IT needs.

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