In many companies, many work processes are still traditionally handled on paper, which can lead to disorder and errors. However, the document management system ecoDMS by Ingold Solutions offers a modern solution to address these challenges:


With ecoDMS, documents can be archived in a platform-independent manner, for the long term, and in compliance with auditing standards, enabling efficient management.


Automating various processes can optimize workflows and reduce errors. The team at Ingold Solutions assists in planning and implementing customized workflows.

API Interface

Integration with third-party systems via an API interface enables seamless data exchange and efficient collaboration between different applications.

Service & Support

Ingold Solutions provides comprehensive service and support, including installation, maintenance, and assistance with the entire digitalization and archiving process.


User training by Ingold Solutions enables employees to optimally use the ecoDMS software and implemented workflows, thus working more efficiently.

Employees are relieved thanks to ecoDMS, as the process of searching, filing, releasing, and distributing documents is simplified, allowing employees to gain a better overview of information.

Use time efficiently. Document management gives you direct access to current contracts, inquiries, or invoices from customers, suppliers, and business partners, allowing you to provide information quickly and save time.

Effective Collaboration The DMS allows users to forward documents for approval to supervisors or to send them to the relevant employees for editing, which enhances collaboration.

Flexible use options: Thanks to the integrated web interface, you can access, open, and edit your documents from anywhere. It is also possible to insert documents from any location.



With the introduction of a Document Management System (DMS) by your IT service provider, these problems will become a thing of the past. Together with you, we will implement such a DMS and develop a first digitized process (also known as "workflow") using the example of a typical procedure, such as the invoice process in the company. To do this, we analyze the most important types of documents in the company and define users, permissions, and filing methods. Subsequently, your employees will be introduced to and trained in the software. As a result, we can gradually digitize more and more processes in your company.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Archiving of various file formats such as PDF, Office files, images, music, contracts, invoices, bank statements, delivery notes, and more.
  • Revision-compliant document history
  • Legal deletion concept in accordance with GoBD & GDPR
  • Automatic classification through OCR text recognition
  • Lightning-fast search functions
  • Compatibility with all operating systems
  • Connection with LDAP and Active Directory
  • Plugins for OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Office

Service & Pricing

Our range of offers

License structure for ecoDMS ONE

One-time license fees upon contract conclusion:

  • 250.00 EUR plus VAT per concurrent connection (Minimum of 3 concurrent connections required).

Annual basic fees, due at the start of the contract:

  • 50.00 EUR per concurrent connection.

Contract duration:

  • The initial term of the contract extends over 12 months and is automatically renewed for another year unless canceled.
  • In the event of cancellation, all included extensions will be deactivated (this includes the WORKZ add-on and the ecoDMS API).
  • The core software remains fully usable, however without the possibility to install updates.

Scope of services:

With an ecoDMS ONE license per concurrent connection, you receive:

  • An ecoDMS license including WORKZ add-on
  • Access to the open ecoDMS API
  • An ecoMAILZ license (for one user per concurrent connection)
  • A support unit of 15 minutes annually per concurrent connection
  • Update entitlement for the duration of the contract

ecoDMS Licensing Model

Learn everything important about the licensing model of ecoDMS, the leading document management system.

  • Starting at 89.00 EUR including 19% VAT per concurrent connection
  • One-time purchase costs
  • Choice between Private and Business Edition available

License information for ecoDMS

With an ecoDMS license, you get full access to our software, including all supported operating systems and plugins, without any restrictions on data volume.

Activatable on a single server instance, the license offers the following usage possibilities for simultaneous connections:

  • Private Edition: Limited to a maximum of 2 simultaneous connections
  • Business Edition: Allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections

This license is exclusively valid for the designated licensee.

  • Private Edition: One-time 89.00 EUR incl. VAT for up to 2 connections, incl. 24 months updates.
  • Business Edition: From 100.00 EUR net for unlimited connections, incl. 24 months updates.
Product Build Update period Net base price Base price incl. 19% VAT
Private Edition >= 22.08 24 Months 74,79 EUR 89,00 EUR
Business Edition >= 22.08 24 Months 100,00 EUR 119,00 EUR
Predecessor version 21.02 - 21.12 24 Months 74,79 EUR 89,00 EUR

Overview of ecoDMS Editions

Private Edition

  • License for exclusive private use
  • Commercial use prohibited
  • Max. 2 simultaneous connections
  • No upgrade to Business Edition possible

Business Edition

  • Full version for business and private customers
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections

Demo Version

  • Testable for private and business use
  • Maximum 3 simultaneous connections
  • 30-day trial period
  • Upgrade to full version (Private or Business Edition) possible without reinstallation

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