Extended capabilities

Take your commerce capabilities to the next level with extensions, themes and connectors.

Grow your online business, on your terms

Get the most from your commerce investment with a solution built to accommodate your growing business. Unlike others, we give you the freedom to easily extend your store capabilities without tying up additional resources. Use extensions and APIs to improve current features, introduce new ones and integrate with third-party software — all with minimal development time.

Whether you want to offer additional payment methods, integrate with your ERP or CRM or adopt new marketing services, you can choose from a variety of APIs and extensions, offered by leading companies around the world, that deliver great experiences even faster. So you can deliver better shopping experiences and expand your business the way you want.

See what makes it work

Rich extension marketplace
Extend your shop front capabilities with our commerce marketplace, where thousands of third-party extensions and themes are just a click away.

Extensive APIs
Create new applications and integrate with your CRM, ERP and content management systems with the help of extensive APIs. All with just a few lines of code.

Pre-integrated technologies
Provide easy access to important functionality and deliver a consistent user experience with third-party extensions built right into the Adobe Commerce Cloud application.

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Do more with your digital store

Take your online store to new heights with our commerce marketplace, where you can access cutting-edge commerce features, functionality, templates and services — all with the click of a button.

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