Inventory and order management

Ensure real-time product inventory availability and visibility across all channels.

Fulfil expectations, not just orders

Whether your customers want to buy online and pick-up in store or have purchases delivered straight to their home address, you can deliver. Adobe Commerce inventory and order management capabilities help businesses with multiple brands, sites, shops and warehouses create seamless cross-channel commerce experiences.

Flexible fulfilment options and sourcing algorithms make it easy to determine the closest location to fulfil your order and meet customer requirements. And with realtime sourcing methods, you gain more control over accurate global inventory management.

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Source selection algorithm
Choose the algorithm that best matches your operational needs either by priority or distance. And if you need more flexibility, you can develop extensions or add existing extensions to better meet your needs.

Out-of-stock and backorders
Never be caught empty handed and lose a sale due to bad information. Our inventory management system allows you to set out-of-stock thresholds that will prevent stockouts. Additionally, you can allow backorders on hot items or for your entire store.

Realtime stock accuracy
Maintain a single source of truth of what products are available to sell from all sources* and increase accuracy and visibility of all your on-hand inventory to speed sales. With the bookings tracking method, all orders are accounted for until they are deducted from your inventory once they are delivered or cancelled. Increase your revenue by reducing “out-of-stock” losses online and markdowns of in-store items that haven’t sold.

*Requires integration with physical shops’ POS systems.

Multi-channel inventory tracking
Manage inventory across multiple locations and sales channels with concurrent checkout protection and delivery matching algorithms. Receive real-time counts of your salable stock and add new physical locations to manage product inventory as your business grows.

Flexible order fulfilment
Our inventory and order management feature elevates your commerce capabilities with innate support for single and multi-address orders as well as buy-online-pickup-in-store. Effortlessly manage refunds, process cancellations, place back orders and much more.

Singular growth support
Embrace the one solution which scales with your business. Customise inventory and order management with our open API, extensions marketplace and vetted third-party solutions.

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