If you are a business looking to start your online journey with the marketplace, we can assist you. Ingold Solutions is one of the leading multi-category marketplace management service providers. We help you sell products in different marketplaces globally.

We actively help sellers to promote their products on the different marketplace platforms. In addition, we would also advise them on a profitable plan of action.


Automate your processes to make work related to the service easier.


Each product undergoes thorough analysis with high-quality detailing.


Connect with multiple logistics operators and set up different delivery methods for each product category and region.

We make Selling Easy for You

  • Account Registration
  • Selling with us is easy
  • Add information about the company and payment details
  • Uploading your products
  • This can be done manually, via XLS file or API
  • Setting up your warehouse
What We Do

For becoming a seller in any marketplace, first, you must have an account on the platform. Our team will help you with your registration. We also help in creating proper documentation as per the business category.


After the registration is done, the products are classified into two categories- one of them is open and the other is gated. This means some products are restricted and some don’t have any restriction for selling with each product belonging to different categories.


Listing is one of the most crucial parts of ecommerce. With vast experience in this field, Ingold Solutions offers Product Listing Services for all marketplaces.


After all the steps of the Seller Registration Process are completed, your seller account will be live and running.

Now register and run your seller account effortlessly and cater to all your marketplace needs.

Still undecided?

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