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Business growth depends on your people doing their best work. That means making sure they have the right tools to collaborate and be productive from anywhere. But you also need to make sure that productivity doesn't come at the cost of keeping your company and customer data safe.

Microsoft 365 lets you strike the right balance, with productivity from virtually anywhere and always-on security. Microsoft 365 is designed for the way that businesses work today with remote and on-site teams, simultaneous collaboration across multiple projects and time zones, and people working from all types of different devices.

Microsoft 365 helps with all these challenges, providing an integrated solution that combines the productivity of Office applications with advanced security and device management capabilities.

Build Your Business

Keep customers close
Still managing customer data in a spreadsheet? Microsoft 365 can help you nurture relationships with Microsoft Bookings designed especially for small businesses. Microsoft Bookings can help simplify scheduling and appointments, so you can save time, decrease no-shows, and give your customers more convenience and control.

Simplify scheduling
Businesses that rely on providing services via appointments-such as medical offices and consulting and law firms-need a dependable way to manage the booking process. Microsoft Bookings provides an easy interface for both employees and customers. In addition to automatically scheduling appointments, Bookings gives workers the flexibility to manually schedule, reschedule, cancel, or otherwise modify appointments based on stray phone calls and emails from customers.

Bookings also helps managers modify staff lists, define services and pricing, set hours, and integrate existing customer/client lists.

Get More Done

Use Al to help you work even smarter

The power of the cloud lets you leverage intelligent services in Microsoft 365 to produce better results and save time, so you can focus on the priorities that matter most to your business. One example is PowerPoint Designer, which uses artificial intelligence (Al) to help you create beautiful slides with just one click. While you're putting content on a slide, Designer works in the background via the cloud to match your content to expertly designed layouts-so anyone in your business can make more professional-looking presentations. In Microsoft Excel, Al powers the new Ideas feature, which offers insights and suggestions tailored to your work, such as automatically identifying trends, patterns, and outliers in a data set.

Save time with easier file access

Small business owners spend more than 33 hours a month on administrative tasks, time that could be better spent on more valuable activities such as sales and business development.1 OneDrive for Business cuts down on wasted time by making file access quick and easy. You can share files and collaborate on documents with anyone, inside or outside of your organization. With 1 TB of storage, there's also plenty of room for your files, and you can search files and folders across any device, from anywhere. Looking for an earlier version of a file? Right-click on the file name for a history of up to 25 versions.

Work Better Together

Get your people on the same page
Everyone working on a project can chat, meet, and collaborate with Microsoft Teams. Teams brings together people and information in a shared workspace with group chat, calling, and online meetings. Plus, you have access to built-in Office apps, so you can review and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files within Teams. With Teams apps for mobile devices, you can stay connected to your team from almost anywhere. Inside Teams, you can interact with over 250 business apps, including Trello, Evernote, Adobe, Github, and Zendesk.

Use shared mailboxes to keep up with customers and prospects
Microsoft Outlook can help you keep up with customers using a shared mailbox and alias, such as "help@contoso.com" or "sales@ contoso.com." Outlook makes it easy for a group of workers to monitor and send email from the shared alias. When someone in the group replies to a message sent to the shared mailbox, the email appears to be from the shared address, not from the individual user. You also can have a shared calendar associated with the mailbox (for example, a dedicated Support or Sales calendar).

Simple To Manage

Manage users and devices all in one place

The Microsoft 365 Admin Center is your control center for Microsoft 365, giving you a single place to configure security policies and manage devices and apps. The Setup Wizard condenses 45 enterprise-grade security settings into 15 easy-to-understand toggles and pulldown menus. You can set policies for mobile and Windows 10 devices.

Securely access apps and data with Single Sign-On

Microsoft 365 makes it easier for your workers to use multiple apps and devices. With Single Sign-On, employees only need to remember one login across every app, Windows 10 device, and service, which helps save time and money on IT support without compromising security.

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