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Bianco Evento GmbH is expanding and optimising its presence in e-commerce with new digital sales channels based on Magento Open Source.


Bianco Evento is a European producer of high-quality bridal fashion. Founded in Berlin in 2009, the brand designs and manufactures high-end bridal outfits and accessories. All wedding dresses, bridal shoes and accessories are designed and manufactured in Europe. The brand has a huge global appearance.

The focus of Bianco Evento is always on providing high end products at an affordable price range. For two decades, Bianco Evento is known for their excellent customer service. Thanks to the decades of experience and superior craftsmanship that help us deliver a rare mix of trend and tradition. At present, they have a huge inventory of dresses, shoes, accessories, jewellery and more. Their strong and scalable B2B e-commerce system is built on Magento Open Source.

Customer Request

For many years Bianco Evento has relied on traditional marketing models and branding to reach out to its B2B partners.

However, in times of an increasingly rapid digitisation, it is all the more important to open up new digital marketing & sales channels. Moreover, the pandemic has demonstrated this once again and has also further accelerated this plan. With the help of newly created online channels based on Magento open Source, the sale of various products of Bianco Evento is properly centralised and further optimized under one platform.

With its in-house cloud solution, Magento Open Source provides a powerful e-commerce framework that ensures maximum performance and scalability. This enables the bridal fashion brand to set the course for further growth across Europe and beyond to convince customers with a unique digital customer experience.

Another requirement was to further automate the order management. With SAP Business One Magento Integration, we ensured that orders can be transferred directly from ecommerce platform to the in-house ERP system. This makes it possible to quickly control logistics and keep up with the fast-moving e-commerce competition.

Diverse modules for managing GDPR, SEO, social media and content have been integrated to make the customer experience legally secure, but at the same time rich in experience. The integration of various channels into the stores themselves is essential for the individual brands. Page Builder, as a powerful content creation tool, helps Bianco Evento to better align and visualize the content and goals of each brand. In particular, the focus on sustainability and the use of certified environmentally friendly fabrics and brands should be made easy through optimally presented content using Page Builder - a central point in Bianco Evento’s corporate philosophy.

Reference result

Within a very short time, Ingold Solutions GmbH, as an Adobe Bronze Solutions Partner, has successfully implemented a state-of-the-art B2B online platform with robust features and great navigation. Integrating SAP POS and Checkout offers the platform an extra edge to the fashion brand.

As a powerful content creation tool, Page Builder helps Bianco Evento to create personalized yet inspiring landing pages that reflect the importance of environmental and social sustainability.

The wide range of out-of-the-box functionality provided by Magento Commerce enables Bianco Evento to map brands digitally quickly and easily, as well as easily build others, without incurring large investment costs. Furthermore, costs for platform maintenance can be saved.

Client’s Feedback

Their adaptability absolutely stands out. The team successfully launched the client's platform. With their support, the average session duration that the company's customers spent on the site dramatically increased. The team had incredible communication skills and was able to deliver in a time-conscious manner.

Project Summary

Client Bianco Evento GmbH
Happy Since 2020
Supervised by Ingold Solutions GmbH
Status Ongoing
Shop System Magento Open Source
Our Services E-Commerce, Hosting, ERP, Integration, Analytics, Security
Focus Areas Omnichannel, Multisite, Website Performance Improvement, Cloud

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