Get the software you need, tailored for your retail business
To make informed, confident management decisions, you need visibility into and control over your retail business – financials, sales, inventory, and more. With the SAP Business One® tailored for the retail industry, you get all the capabilities of the SAP Business One Cloud solution tailored to meet the needs of your industry.

It covers functional areas of your business including

  • Financial management
  • Sales and customer management
  • Purchasing and inventory control
  • Production planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Analytics and reporting

Give consumers the products, information, and personalized shopping experiences they want – across any channel – with SAP Business One® for retail. Harness real-time customer and POS insights, engage shoppers, and optimise everything from merchandising to your supply chain.


Get easy access to up-to-date sales and marketing information, forecasts, and order history

End-to-end business management

Maximize visibility into profitability and margins, sales, marketing, inventory, and more

Purchasing support

Use accurate forecasts to make better, more cost-effective buying decisions

Supplier control

Improve visibility into supplier information, including purchasing and stock management

Order information

View inventory, sales, orders, and pricing as well as products in the distribution, dispatch, and returns pipeline

Head office / subsidiary / supplier integration

Integrate and standardize processes across your business locations

Centralise Your Retail Operations With SAP Business One Implementation Package

As a retail business owner, you know that managing a complex supply chain, inventory, sales, and customer data can be challenging. This is where SAP Business One implementation comes in, providing a comprehensive solution to streamline your operations and drive business growth. Our SAP Business One solution will drive more business value. Choose us for your SAP implementation and you will get all the standard features.

Just not the standard features, we are an SAP Silver Partner, and our team of experts truly understands the retail industry. We have an implementation package which is tailored as per the industry standard.

What You Can Get With Our Implementation Package

Fast deployment

The wait time is over for the retail business owners. We have listed out industry-specific functionalities based on our experience that can be quickly deployed to meet your business requirement.

Customisation of key functionalities

SAP Business One has multiple functionalities available. Being an SAP Business One partner, we can do the customise and configure easily that meets the requirements of retail and ecommerce industry. There are multiple functionalities like Inventory Management, Customer Relationship (CRM) and many other processes those can be easily customised and integrated with SAP Business One.

Bundle package available

We have three bundle packages which are tailored for the retail and eCommerce industry. You can just order for any bundle package, and you get the predefined services under it. We will pre-configure all the services under the selected package for your convenience.

External integration is possible

In the retail and ecommerce industry, there is requirement to integrate with external platforms like Magento, Shopify, Zalando etc. With SAP Business One there is the possibility to integrate with the external application easily. Our team of experts can help you for the easy integration with those applications which can help our client to focus on the business operations/growth.

Additional tools available

With our implementation packages we give the possibility to our clients to choose their industry specific tools and we will configure those once ordered. We also have additional tools that are needed for the retail industry like Point of Sales Applications, Warehouse Management System, Multi-bank connectivity, Article Variants Management etc. You can also book these, and we make them available for you.

SAP Business One License Cost

  Starter Package Edition Professional Package Edition
Description Ideal for small businesses with 1 to 5 users maximum. Unlimited access to employees where each user can have their own license type according to their requirement.
License Type Starter Package User Limited User Professional User
Access Can access the features needed in the service, and distribution in the retail industry. Includes the rights granted under a Mobile app User and Indirect Access User. Can access the key features for one of these roles: CRM, Financial or Logistic. Includes the rights granted to a Mobile app user and Indirect access user. Can access all modules. Includes the rights granted to a Limited user, Mobile app user and Indirect access user.
Restrictions Maximum number of users: 5 At least one professional license required None

PLAN A (Monthly Rental Plan)

SAP Business One Cloud subscription fee per user incl. Azure hosting fees*
for 12 months
45 €/month
then 55 €/month
for 12 months
55 €/month
then 65 €/month
for 12 months
105 €/month
then 115 €/month

PLAN B (One-Time Buy Plan)

SAP Business One perpetual license fee per user**
Additional discount possible
1140 €
1400 €
2700 €

* SAP Business One Cloud, partner-hosted option, as a subscription fee per month which includes the license use rights and the maintenance.

  • Minimum contract period 1 year
  • Deployment in the Microsoft Azure HANA Server Certified by SAP

** SAP Business One, perpetual license one-time fee excl. maintenance fees. The license includes use rights which can be combined with maintenance. The maintenance is charged as 19 percent of the contract value per year.

License details can be found in the SAP License Comparison Charts.

To provide a flawless customer experience, connect your digital and physical channels in a seamless end-to-end process. Our SAP Business One solution will drive more business value. We have a Starter Package for you. If you think the other packages are attractive, take a look at the list below.

As an SAP Silver Partner we provide all the key functionalities under SAP Business One. But with our implementation package, you get more customised services meeting the retail industry requirements.

Our Tailored SAP Retail Implementation Package Can Transform Your Core Processes

By providing a comprehensive and user-friendly solution, our SAP Business One implementation allows you to efficiently manage all aspects of your retail business.

We also have an implementation package which is perfectly tailored to the retail and eCommerce industry requirements.

Included (These functionalities can be preconfigured from our end)
S  Self Managed (You can configure these functionalities on your own)
Optional (These are the optional functionalities which we can preconfigure as per retail industry standards)


1600 €


3300 €


5300 €
User Authorizations
Alerts Management
Approvals Process
Chart of Accounts Templates, Customer/Vendor Templates
Management of general ledger and sub-ledgers, journals
Branch accounting
Journal Vouchers and Journal Entries
Cash flow forecasts
Budgeting, cost accounting, cost centers, profit centers, projects
Fixed Asset accounting
Campaign Management
Customer contact management
Article availability check
Monitoring Open Orders, Deliveries
Integrated Point of Sales System (POS) - SAP Customer Checkout
Dunning Wizard
Commission management
Management of special prices
Management of multiple price lists
Management of discounts and quantity scales
Bulk Printing
MRP wizard for demand planning with planning horizon, forecasts, recommendations, minimum stock per warehouse for NOS planning
Assortment planning to determine seasonal requirements (based on incoming orders, separated into pre-order and post-order) and assortment planning per store
Direct order from customer order
Management of Vendor Contracts
Allocation rules, allocation of cost of goods purchased, advance purchase payments
Manage multiple Article master data with prices, UOM's, properties, Groups etc
Automated number
Manage warehouse wise inventory levels
Batch Number Management
Serial Number management
Manage Supplier Catalog Number in Article
Bar Coding Per Article
EAN Number
Define Multiple Warehouses with Bin Locations
Drop shipment warehouse, customer consignment warehouse
Bonded Warehouse
Inventory, stock valuation (according to FIFO, MAP, price lists)
Stock Label Printing
Pick and Pack
Employee Master Data Setup
POS Application (SAP Customer Checkout)
Warehouse Management System
Web Shop connectors for online B2B, B2C shops
SAP standard Mobile Sales App for Sales Employees on Field
Multi-bank connectors for seamless payments and bank reconciliations
Credit Limit Check with Credit Safe Integration and monitoring
Label Printing of Customer Addresses, Items Details
Article Variants Management

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