Seamless Customer Integration

  • Automatic Customer Sync:
    Registered WooCommerce web customers are synced to SAP Business One in Business Partner Master Data.
  • Address Synchronization:
    Billing and shipping addresses from WooCommerce are also synced to the ERP.

Item Master Data Handling

  • Diverse Product Listings:
    List SAP Business One items in your e-commerce store, including simple, configurable, bundled, grouped, downloadable, and virtual products.
  • Easy Product Downloads:
    Download existing WooCommerce product types from SAP Business One Item Master records.

Accurate Inventory Management

  • Real-Time Stock Updates:
    Synchronize stock levels from SAP Business One to WooCommerce to maintain accurate inventory levels.
  • Inventory Synchronization:
    Ensure your e-commerce store reflects current stock availability.

Efficient Sales Order Processing

  • Instant Sales Order Synchronization:
    WooCommerce sales orders placed by web customers are instantly converted into SAP Business One Sales Orders.
  • Consistent Order Value:
    Synchronize discounts to maintain the same order value in both WooCommerce and ERP systems.

Price List Management

  • Item Price Synchronization:
    Seamlessly sync SAP Business One item prices from specified pricelists with WooCommerce website item prices.

Why Choose Ingold's
WooCommerce Integration?


A comprehensive solution at a competitive price of €100 per month.

SAP Business One Specialization

Benefit from our expertise as a dedicated SAP partner.

Streamlined Operations

Reduce manual data entry and improve efficiency.

Improved Accuracy

Ensure data consistency across your e-commerce and ERP systems.

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