Be one step ahead of your competitors: Hire a competent server management company
It's important to manage your servers properly, whether you're new to web hosting or you've been in the business for years. In order to do this without stretching your budget, it is important that you manage your servers in the most secure manner.
We offer high quality server management services with the fastest response times. Our certified and experienced system administrators ensure that our customers receive comprehensive white-label server support. We ensure stable and reliable operation from a single server to complex cluster systems.

Web Server Support

  • We are experienced supporting Linux and Windows web servers.
  • Web server (IIS 6/ IIS 7/ IIS 8), (Apache, Nginx, tomcat) configuration, management and troubleshooting.
  • Management of users and groups.
  • PHP, .PL, CF .NET, installation and configuration.
  • Installation of control panel software.
  • Updating operating systems and security patches.
  • Optimizing the Metabase and Apache configuration.
  • Load balancer and failover configuration.
Advantages of Outsourcing Server Management Services

More focus on core competencies

When you outsource your server management, you can rest assured that your server is in safe hands. This allows you to focus on more important aspects of your business without wasting your time. Our team of experts takes care of all your migration, monitoring, security and custom installation needs.

Your server in expert hands

Server management companies offer a top-notch support service that save you time and money. Our experienced staff will help you to find well-founded solutions to all your problems.

Minimal server downtime

Server downtime can cost companies a lot of money every year. Also, server downtime can affect a website's SEO visibility. Our experienced server management team takes care of your servers.

Dealing effectively with unauthorized Access & Attacks

Today, hackers represent an undeniable risk. Every day, new developments appear on the market and hackers are given many opportunities to exploit security vulnerabilities. Server security must be a top priority for any organization. We fix countless security gaps with practical updates. When a team critically monitors your server, the chances of a hacker breaking into your server are almost zero.

Technical advantage over the competitor

Because support specialist teams typically deal with a large customer base, they keep abreast of the latest technical updates. This gives you a technical edge over your competitors, whose in-house teams are typically not as competent. Our server management team provides you with their expertise based on market trends to improve your business results.

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