Supply Chain Planning

Manage your Supply Chain & logistics with zero hassles

Supply Chain Planning
Supply Chain Management solutions by SAP Business One helps you manage the activities included in the physical movement of goods, including order management, transportation planning, freight execution and monitoring, freight costing and settlement, analytics, and reporting.
It lets you balance freight costs and service levels while providing clear visibility and real-time decision-making. This single freight application allows shippers to standardise transportation operations and integrates with SAP ERP application.
Deliver goods to customers on time, in full, and at the right price
Provide end-to-end transportation visibility and improved service levels
React to disruptions and identify bottlenecks more quickly


  • Order lifecycle management and order-based planning
  • Manual, automated, and 3D load planning, space optimization, and collaborative load tendering
  • Freight execution monitoring, event tracking, document management, and integration with warehousing and global trade
  • Accurate freight costing and reporting
  • Embedded analytics
Faster decision-making with real-time data
Higher productivity with automated processes, electronic collaboration, and fewer redundancies
Better cash flow through accurate costing and settlement
Lower spend through improved planning and less expediting

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