Install and configure WooCommerce

Seamless installation of a customisable storefront that displays your products.

Banners and title images

Add banners for sales, flash sales, and other promotional activities for your Product Categories, Pages, Products, Cart, Checkout, and Thank You Pages.

Hot/Featured Product Display on Home Page

Get your bestseller/ showstopper product featured on the homepage to attract customers.

Create Menu/Submenu Category/Sub-Category

Create menu, sub menu, category, sub-category so that each product can be uploaded.

Create Unlimited Products/Services Page

Edit and add as many pages as required when the product list grows.

Create a product template

It helps to display product images, add-to-cart button, product tabs, product reviews, and more.

Develop styling cart and checkout template

We create user account pages, checkout flow and cart pages.

Connect payment gateways

We can add top payment gateways that easily integrate well with WooCommerce and help you accept payment from any medium.

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