November 18, 2021

The digital landscape is rife with competition. If you want your fashion brand to thrive and grow, you should stay updated on the latest marketing tactics and methodologies for boosting your online presence. The wave of change in consumer behaviour triggered by the pandemic has hit the marketing industry and fortunately, today, we have more tools and opportunities at our disposal than ever to reach out and connect with the target audience. In this article, we elaborate on a few digital marketing services and strategies your fashion brand can leverage to drive traffic, improve leads, and achieve increased sales, and conversions in the coming year.

Create A Web Presence

Well, this sounds basic and obvious but even then, we must iterate this point - optimize your website and integrate e-commerce features to penetrate the ecosystem, where your customers can be found.

Post pandemic, people's shopping habits have changed drastically. What was an option a year ago, is now the preferred -- and in some cases, the only mode of shopping. Fashion shoppers now have a clear preference for online stores rather than visiting a brick-and-mortar shop. Under this circumstance, for fashion retailers, having a website is no longer an option; it is imperative. Businesses that already have one, must get it transformed into an e-commerce website, by integrating an online storefront. You can read here, how you can augment your e-commerce sales with Magento integration.

This e-commerce website is going to be your deep asset and the primary point of interaction between you and your audience, and also your prime source of information about your customers and leads. In short, this is going to be the stepping stone for all your subsequent marketing initiatives, future campaigns, social media activities, and so on.

Create a Mobile Presence

Having a website is not all, you must have a responsive website or a mobile-friendly website. Just like consumers have moved from physical stores to online stores as a preferred mode for shopping, they have ditched desktop computers for smartphones for making purchases. That is why, creating a mobile presence is key to staying on your customers' minds. And the first step to creating a mobile presence is building a responsive website that makes it easier for your visitors to consume your content on the go. This, in turn, helps you to increase user interaction and brand engagement. And this is where digital marketing services will help you. From shopping ads linked to the most competitive keywords of your niches appearing on the Google search page to assistive ads appearing on your target audience's social media feeds, multiple digital marketing tactics are there to entice your target customers through their smartphones, keep them engaged for a long time, ultimately leading them to make a purchase.

Use Consumers' Seasonal Buying Spree to Your Advantage

Seasonal promotions are a great way to show your prospects that your offering is relevant to their needs of the moment. Seasonal promotions can be a major success factor for fashion brands as they always come with an expiry date, creating a sense of urgency for your customers to act fast and this strategy helps to spur sales. Experiencing a 3X jump in sales is not uncommon for some fashion brands. A seasonal campaign can collectively include multiple digital marketing components such as e-mail marketing, social media announcements, Google display ads, and more. At Ingold Solutions, we know how to use the power of the latest content marketing strategies to design seasonal promotional campaigns that influence our customers buying behaviours and inspire them to act.

Leverage The Immense Potentials of Social World

Social media is that branch of digital marketing services that fashion brands cannot do without. From building audience outreach to engaging with them, and above all to displaying and promoting your products, social media is the way to go. While some platforms like Instagram and Pinterest let you show off your offering through the means of visual storytelling, some channels like Facebook allow you to even sell off your products through marketplace integration. The ways you can utilize these interactive platforms to create a long-standing emotional-level connection with your customers is limited only by your imagination, to say the least.

Leverage the Latest Technologies

Artificial intelligence is a part of digital marketing realities these days. Besides helping marketers to spot and analyze micro trends and incorporating those insights into their subsequent strategies, AI is a part of day-to-day marketing and customer service. For example, rarely will you find a fashion website that comes without a chatbot feature that helps to sort the initial level customer queries. The day is not far away when AI will be used more extensively to make your SEO and social media strategies more intuitive. Know about various search queries to understand your customers’ shopping behaviour here.

Make Visual Storytelling the Centre of Your Communication Strategy

One picture is worth a thousand words and that is why, businesses need to take advantage of visual cues to draw their customers' attention and for fashion brands, aesthetics need to be at the core of their content strategies. Be it static images or a video, use nothing less than the best quality content. It may sound obvious, but many fashion brands end up with low-quality graphics albeit unintentionally. Hence. make use of as much as high-quality visual content to tell your brand story across marketing platforms.

To round it up – your fashion brand cannot stand out in the competition without the backing of competent digital marketing services. Several organic activities and paid campaigns and load of data coming from them as well as from your website and social media profiles will help your brand to know what customers want and further refine your marketing strategies, helping you to engage with customers in a more focused way.

If you are into a business relating to fashion industries, get in touch with our digital marketing team to discuss your project.

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