Get enterprise-level efficiencies for great B2B and B2C shopping experiences

Built to grow as you do, Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, uses enterprise-level capabilities like artificial intelligence and a cloud-based platform that supports multiple business models to make complex commerce processes simpler — from discovery to delivery.

Future-proof scalability and extensibility

No matter what the future brings, you’ll be ready with a commerce platform that is flexible and extensible and built to scale. Whether you choose on-premise or cloud hosting, Commerce gives you the ability to handle large orders and unlimited growth, while making it fast and easy to incorporate new technology, spin up new shop fronts and deploy app-like shopping experiences across any device or channel.

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One platform, all channels, brands and sites

Simplify complex business environments with a platform that lets you host multiple channels, brands and sites — including B2B and B2C hybrid commerce — from a single back end. No matter how many audiences you have, Commerce lets you use the same tools and infrastructure to create seamless commerce experiences. Less work for your team, more options, engagement and efficiency for your customers.

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Better shopping with the help of AI

AI-driven intelligent commerce delivers relevant and personalised experiences that improve conversion and retention and increase cross sales and up sales. From AI-powered search features to intelligent product recommendations, Commerce learns from every customer interaction and uses every ounce of available data to grow your business and increase revenue.

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Operational confidence with back-end efficiency

Gain operational confidence with a commerce platform that offers enterprise-level security, can host thousands of SKUs and automatically scales to meet high traffic demands. The hybrid platform lets you manage multiple business models, while AI-driven workflows and out-of-the-box extensions streamline back-end and front-end processes, so your teams can work smarter, not harder.

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