Plan for tomorrow with a commerce platform that’s flexible, scalable and connected

With Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, you get a future-proof platform that is agile, flexible and fully extensible. Built on a cloud-based headless architecture, you can deliver seamless customer experiences across all digital touchpoints — even those yet to be invented — all while keeping the cost of ownership low.

Future proof your digital commerce business

Most commerce platforms give you the shop front and various services but many lack the agility to respond to data in real time or have the ability to offer a truly end-to-end commerce journey that can scale as you grow. Even fewer are capable of seamlessly integrating new customer experience technology as new channels develop and expectations shift.

To meet customer expectations for engaging and seamless experiences across touchpoints now and in the future, you need an agile commerce platform that’s open, extensible and scalable. One that empowers your team to respond to changing markets and business priorities, as well as lets you personalise each customer experience, no matter where in the world they are.

Adobe can help

With cloud-based scalability, a modular core and headless commerce capabilities, Adobe Commerce was built to grow with your business. You can quickly integrate new brands and product catalogues, deploy multi-tenet, multi-region shop fronts and create multi-channel connected experiences that can be easily customised to global markets - including out-of-the-box localised currencies and language capabilities - all from a single platform.

Headless, API-based agility
Integrate any application into your tech stack and empower your team to quickly create and deploy customer experiences across any channel or device with capabilities that reduce dependency on IT.

Cloud-based scalability
Easily scale as your product catalogue grows with a layered cacheable architecture and a global reference architecture that lets you quickly deploy incremental shop fronts in multiple countries.

Extensible modular core
Use a collection of self-contained module features and the largest commerce extensions marketplace to customise products, offers and services to customers around the world.

Limitless front end flexibility
Choose a traditional coupled shop front, a decoupled hybrid option in PWA Studio or go completely headless to build out customised digital experiences with robust APIs.

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Headless commerce

Headless commerce is the way of the future, today. It’s agile, fast and flexible, letting you deliver seamless customer experiences across every channel and device.

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PWA Studio

Easily build high-performing, reliable and cost-effective progressive web apps to deliver best-in-class experiences that increase engagement and boost conversion rates.

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Cloud delivery and security

Operate with confidence with secure, cloud-based services that offer continuous updates, monitoring, development tools, security tools and deployment efficiencies.

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