Deliver multi-channel commerce for both B2B and B2C on a single platform

Manage every aspect of your commerce business — whether B2B, B2C or both — from a single, unified platform. Simplify your workflow while enabling a seamless customer experience that begins with a sterling first impression and continues through fulfilment, retention and more.

A single view creates a singular experience

To keep up in today’s digital economy, you’ve got to manage and deliver personalised commerce experiences that build customer loyalty. If you’re managing multiple brand sites and sales channels, including marketplaces or a hybrid B2B/B2C business model, achieving a unified, multi-channel commerce experience becomes even more challenging.

Trying to deliver consistent experiences from disparate platforms is complicated — every additional platform is an additional skillset and learning curve for your team. You need a solution purpose-built to serve multiple go-to-market plans for every channel and audience. A platform that can simultaneously cater to B2B and B2C audiences without sacrificing functionality for either of them. With a single, unified commerce platform, you’re reducing cross-platform complications for your team while simultaneously ensuring consistent, timely purchasing experiences for your customers wherever they are.

Adobe can help

Adobe Commerce powered by Magento is a single, multi-channel commerce platform with a unified back end and a flexible, customisable front end that lets you deliver exceptional customer experiences to every audience.

B2B and B2C commerce all in one platform
Seamlessly manage business complexity, including hybrid commerce models serving both B2B and B2C customers. Use the same tools, training and technology infrastructure to engage every audience.

A central hub for every brand, channel and site
Easily manage everything in a central location with a central view, as your product catalogue, customised price lists, number of brands, sites, sales channels and the list of countries you do business in all grow.

Efficient and flexible B2C shopping experiences
Give shoppers the ability to see all available-to-sell inventory and flexibly purchase and re-order with automated subscriptions. You maintain visibility and control throughout their journey, both online and in store.

Personalised and friction-free B2B purchasing experiences
Set up company accounts with multiple buyers in tiered organisational structures, automate order approval processes based on rules set by each company and enable fast reordering.

Go hybrid and manage both B2B and B2C on a single commerce platform

Our ebook will show you how to sell to both businesses and consumers with a unified commerce strategy.


Multi-channel commerce features

Mobile commerce

The future is mobile. Build the foundation for that future today with Adobe Commerce — a fast and affordable way to create a mobile-ready commerce site built to increase your revenue today, tomorrow and beyond.

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Integrated B2B functionality

Adobe Commerce has set the standard for hybrid (B2B and B2C) commerce on a single platform. With market dynamics constantly evolving, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors need a flexible, intelligent digital commerce solution to meet the high demands of buyers.

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