The operational confidence and efficiency to grow your business

Scale and diversify your business without complicating operations. Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, is an enterprise-ready platform that lets you run both B2C and B2B business channels from a single, unified back end, using native integrations and artificial intelligence to simplify workflows and reduce total cost of ownership and time to value.

Focus on the customer experience, not infrastructure and overhead

Business changes quickly these days. B2B businesses are increasingly digitising their sales processes and are seeing opportunities for online direct-to-consumer sales, as well as demand for buying and selling on B2B marketplaces. B2C businesses are experiencing increasing pressure to create seamless shopping, fulfilment and return experiences across multiple digital touch points, channels and global markets. Whether you’re running a B2B or B2C business or both, operational flexibility is key to efficient growth and the fewer commerce platforms you have to manage, the more manageable your operational costs and processes will be.

The fact is digital business is growing quickly worldwide and you’ve got to plan for growth. As you add new sales channels and shop fronts to serve different customers, you need a single commerce platform with a unified back end that allows you to easily manage a growing product catalogue, large orders and traffic spikes, all while personalising the customer experience.

Adobe can help

Whether you’re just starting in digital commerce or expanding into new business models, Adobe Commerce lets you add and manage unlimited B2B and B2C channels and shop fronts around the world on a single platform and it helps you scale with intelligent workflows that reduce manual tasks. This means back-end efficiencies such as connected inventory, unified ordering and payment and the convenience of a single log in.

One platform, a single back end, unlimited shop fronts
Experience the ease and efficiency of a single log in while you customise each front end with thousands of extensions that you can tailor to your business needs.

Scale quickly without affecting the customer experience
Experience unhindered growth with an enterprise-gradient, cloud-based platform built to support extensive product catalogues, large orders and traffic spikes, all with the peace of mind of enterprise-level security.

AI-powered workflows
Use the power of Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence to automate merchant tasks such as catalogue updates and product tagging and to personalise customer experiences such as product recommendations.

Adobe integrations
Natively integrate with Adobe products such as Analytics, Target, Experience Manager, Sign and Creative Cloud to simplify enterprise-level workflows and personalise and optimise the customer experience.

Get faster ROI and lower TCO with your commerce platform as you grow

Read the IDC Business Value Paper, sponsored by Adobe, to learn why participants invested in Adobe Commerce Cloud see 29% higher platform revenue, an ROI boost of 247% over three years and break even on their investment in less than a year.


The right partner can set you on the right path

When it comes to establishing digital commerce best practices, partners can be a powerful resource. Reach your goals faster with the Adobe Commerce partner ecosystem, where you’ll find expert solution partners and developers, robust services and third-party apps.


Adobe Commerce delivers operational confidence

Integrated B2B functionality

Adobe Commerce has set the standard for hybrid (B2B and B2C) commerce. With markets evolving, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors need a flexible, intelligent digital commerce solution to meet the high demands of buyers.

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Extended capabilities

Build your digital commerce capabilities and operations efficiently with extensions, themes and connectors optimised for Adobe Commerce. You can quickly and easily add new features, integrate with third-party software and more.

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Cloud delivery and security

Operate with confidence in secure, cloud-based services with continuous releases, monitoring, development tools, built-in security tools and deployment efficiencies.

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