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Pinterest Marketing allows a more impactful effect on your audience with visual expressions created through the posts. At Ingold Solutions, we help you to create and posts on Pinterest with the goal to make customers keep coming back for more.

Benefits of Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is nothing less than an online catalogue that you will love to flaunt for marketing your appealing products or services. There can be a notable increase in website traffic and SEO, and as an add-on when Pinterest marketing is blended with an over-arching social media marketing, you can push traffic and sales to your website while growing your online community. Here are some advantages of investing in Pinterest ads or marketing. Dive in!

Access to an engaged community

Pinterest brings a highly engaged community. The audience keeps sharing pins that they find with both small and large groups. No doubt, it offers a huge exposure in a very short period. Also, Pinterest ads cost quite less than other sponsored ads.

More website traffic

If your website is filled with creative and eye-catching products or services, then Pinterest is just the right platform to do the promotion. We customise Pinterest marketing strategy to increase website traffic.

Hiked conversions

A large volume of Pinterest users plan their future purchases after going through the pins. It helps shorten your marketing pipeline and save a huge investment to generate qualified leads. The more leads you get, the more your conversion hike.

Rich Pins VS Regular Pins

At Ingold Solutions, we prefer Rich Pins over regular Pins as it improves the chances of your brand's visibility on the platform, builds brand awareness, boosts engagement, and drives traffic to your website.

Our Pinterest Management Services

Content Creation

Management of Pins

Pinterest Ads


Pinterest can be a powerful platform for B2B and B2C businesses alike if you know how to strategically maximise its value.

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