Commercial Benefits of SAP Business One Mailchimp Integration

Our MailChimp integration solution automates the data flow between MailChimp and SAP Business One. In short, it removes the expensive administration from email marketing. The benefits that can be achieved include:

  • Synchronisation of MailChimp unsubscribes and marketing lists with SAP Business One
  • Automate the updating of your company CRM application with campaign statistics and set associated activities
  • Set business rules to specify the creation and distribution of mailshots automatically to include slow moving stock etc.

Benefits of synchronising marketing lists

For marketers, MailChimp delivers not only ROI but acts as one of your main lead generation tools. Although the process is painfully manual and costly the tasks are integral to the business and so must be conducted despite the employee intensive nature of list management and unsubscribe updates.

Automating campaign report distribution

Following the distribution of your campaign, you’ll likely need to create an open and click through report and manually distribute this to your sales team, where they can update SAP Business One with prospects to pursue. This comes with further administration to complete. Removing this administration enables your sales department to concentrate on their central function of selling. This is where the MailChimp integration solution comes in. It will automatically create and distribute open and click through reports as well as actively amend your SAP Business One software.

Full email marketing automation solution

Unplanned factors such as slow-moving stock or pressures to cross sell/up sell can dictate that unexpected campaigns need to be run swiftly by the marketing department. Though finding time to manage these can be difficult especially at short notice. MailChimp email campaigns can be automatically administered using Codeless Platforms’ MailChimp integration solution, which are constructed around data events that you define, such as slow moving stock. It will also update SAP Business One with the results.

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