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Realise your Magento project with Ingold! We are an experienced Magento agency from Berlin and offer design, setup, and support for your Magento shop in both the B2B and B2C sectors. With our expertise, we are happy to assist you in the digital transformation of your company!

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Magento is a popular, globally leading software for online shops currently developed by Adobe. It is available in two versions: Magento Open Source (formerly Magento Community Edition): the free core model without license fees. Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise Solution): the paid, extended version with license fees. The open platform is continuously evolving thanks to a large network of developers and designers working on it. One of its additional advantages is the modular structure of the shop system. It allows scalability, customisation, optimal maintenance, and seamless updates. This makes it suitable for any type of company, be it a start-up, a medium-sized business, or an international corporation.

Key advantages of Magento:

  • Multi-store option
  • Customisable
  • Integration of interfaces with ERP and CRM systems
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Clear front and backend design
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support for internationalisation
  • Features tailored for B2B and B2C
  • Feedback analysis through reports and dashboards
  • Suitable for various product types (simple, configurable, downloads, etc.)
  • Integrated SEO and marketing features
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Ingold is a certified Adobe partner agency, specialised in the use of Adobe solutions. Although Magento Open Source is free software, it is difficult to implement without prior knowledge of design and programming. In addition, you may require customisations specific to your unique online shop, which an experienced Magento agency can help accurately develop. Furthermore, as an official Adobe Commerce partner, Ingold can integrate any inventory management system with your Magento shop. With access to the latest technologies and methods, we can provide optimal support for your Magento project.

Ingold, as a certified Magento agency, offers several advantages:

  • Access to webinars, on-demand training, and the Adobe sandbox
  • Experience with Adobe technologies and products
  • Competent and certified developers
  • Support for B2B and B2C customers across various industries

Adobe is internationally recognised for creativity, productivity, and digital experiences, and we pass these services on to you.

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The Magento Open Source version is, as the name suggests, a pure open-source product without license fees for the software itself. By hiring a Magento agency, you can avail of services like development/setup, changes, and customisations, as well as extensions and plugins. However, you will incur additional ongoing costs for obtaining services like web and domain hosting, SSL certificates, maintenance, and updates. On top of that, you must pay license fees to get the paid Adobe Commerce Edition.

To provide you with a clear overview, we have created various packages for our services as a Magento agency. You can find the costs for the Magento Open Source version here: Magento prices.


With Ingold, the specialised Magento agency with experience in various B2B and B2C industries, you have found a strong and trusted partner for your Magento shop. Our team includes project managers, graphic designers, business administrators, creative thinkers, SEO specialists, and web developers. We accompany your Magento project from the initial concept to the turnkey online shop and beyond – offering Magento maintenance contracts and digital marketing services.

We are by your side in every phase of the project, starting with planning (design and concept), through setup (technical implementation and interface programming), and, if desired, maintenance (hosting and support), as well as online marketing (SEO, SEA, marketplace integration, and more).

Additionally, we can add individual services at any time allowing your Magento shop to grow – so experience it yourself.

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